The Best Books I’ve Read on the Writing Life

There comes a time in every aspiring writer’s life that they decide they want to learn writing from the best writers out there. And that means reading books on writing by successful and well-loved authors. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from. It seems that nearly every successful and established writer has writtenContinue reading “The Best Books I’ve Read on the Writing Life”

Rest in Joy, Joan Didion

In Memoriam, A Review of The White Album Joan Didion, American novelist and essayist, passed away last week, at the age of 87. Her book, The White Album, was required reading for me to obtain my MFA in Creative Writing. One of my professors loved her work and spoke about it at length. I hadContinue reading “Rest in Joy, Joan Didion”

(Re)Write What You Know – A Twist on Writer’s Advice

A common bit of writing advice that you will find if you read books on writing or attend a writer’s conference is this: Write what you know. I’m not refuting that bit of advice in this post, but I do want to offer a little twist on the main idea. First of all, let’s discussContinue reading “(Re)Write What You Know – A Twist on Writer’s Advice”

NaNoWriMo: Are You Crazy Enough to Write 50K in 30 Days?

It’s the first day of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. It’s also my husband’s birthday. This happens every year on November first, an extreme conflict of interests in my own life — my desire to do nothing but write, and the fact that life just gets in the way. Participating in NaNoWriMo means taking onContinue reading “NaNoWriMo: Are You Crazy Enough to Write 50K in 30 Days?”

Working from Home — Is It for You?

Do you have a difficult time making decisions? I know I do. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, so I like to know for sure something is the right path before I take it. The problem is, there’s often no way to know for sure. I read somewhere that you’ll never be more than 80% sure of anyContinue reading “Working from Home — Is It for You?”

Four Reasons to Write Short Stories

Photos can be poignant, powerful, or precious glimpses of a moment in time. Each one tells a story. And usually, the story is more than the caption you might see beneath the photo. Far more. There are photos that strike us with awe at the power of nature, like this one: Some photos strike usContinue reading “Four Reasons to Write Short Stories”

Book Review of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin

I just read “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin. And here’s the one-sentence review: If you are a writer – especially if you are a writer aspiring to be a traditionally published author one day – this book is extremely helpful and informative. And here’s the longer book review of Book Proposals ThatContinue reading “Book Review of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin”

The Wondrous Gift of Writing

Books were taunting me. They’d never taunted me before. Fascinated me, yes. I loved books. Every writer does, right? You know the joke, “Never trust a skinny cook.” The same goes for authors … I’m dubious about writers and authors who don’t like to read. As a child, I loved the hush of a library.Continue reading “The Wondrous Gift of Writing”

The Most Important Element of a Good Story

I generally avoid making statements like, “This is the most important aspect of a story,” or “This is the most vital ingredient to building a good blog.” Why? Because I understand there are so many dynamics involved in creating a good work of literature or art. There is so much more at play than justContinue reading “The Most Important Element of a Good Story”

The Challenge of Organization as an Author

If you’re a writer, you are probably also a reader. You love reading. You could spend hours every day reading. I often spend hours reading each day – more for editing work and school than pleasure (leisure reading is a rare activity of mine these days) … But even reading as part of my workContinue reading “The Challenge of Organization as an Author”