Rhythm – A Short Story

Melody peered over the dock. Ripples trembled along the ocean’s surface. She stepped into the ferry, glancing around to get her bearings. “Melody, over here!” Her sister sauntered up and pulled her to a line of reclining seats. “We arrived early to find a good spot. Isn’t this exciting?” Melody tried to share the exuberance as she sat next to her sister. “Yeah, Steph, it’s great,” was all she could muster. “Hey, where’s yourContinue reading “Rhythm – A Short Story”

Four Reasons to Write Short Stories

Photos can be poignant, powerful, or precious glimpses of a moment in time. Each one tells a story. And usually, the story is more than the caption you might see beneath the photo. Far more. There are photos that strike us with awe at the power of nature, like this one: Some photos strike us with a sense of irony, or even indignation and ire.  Sometimes a photo does nothing more than make youContinue reading “Four Reasons to Write Short Stories”

Is It Too Late to Launch a Work-from-Home Career?

The coronavirus pandemic did more to change the workplace than require heightened hygiene in the office. I know … You’re tired of reading articles about the pandemic. But when it comes to changes in our overall approach to work and career, the coronavirus turned a lot of things upside down. If you’ve heard about the great resignation that has slammed into the economy, you know what I’m talking about. And if you’re hoping to quit yourContinue reading “Is It Too Late to Launch a Work-from-Home Career?”

Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver – a Book Review

It’s not easy to find a good Christmas story for kids. Even though there are a whole lot of Christmas picture books out there, many of them lack substance. They tend to be predictable – especially children’s Christmas storybooks about Santa Clause (a.k.a. Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas). In many Christmas stories for kids, something is wrong with Santa’s sleigh, or with one of the reindeer, or with the weather or Santa’s health,Continue reading “Saint Nicholas the Giftgiver – a Book Review”


Stars The stars declare so many things unseen by day yet appearing one by one to constellate a meaning when other lights go dim

Book Review of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin

I just read “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin. And here’s the one-sentence review: If you are a writer – especially if you are a writer aspiring to be a traditionally published author one day – this book is extremely helpful and informative. And here’s the longer book review of Book Proposals That Sell … This new revised edition of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin has been edited andContinue reading “Book Review of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin”

Waiting for Autumn

Not a breath of life teases the trees. They perch still and green as the day they first budded. I wonder, if I could will them to autumn, would I? Usher in the golden, the crimson, the vibrant hues of transforming trees? Or leave it to nature’s touch … at times harsh; at others, little more than a whisper. Or is it foolish to even consider such questions? Would I, even if I could,Continue reading “Waiting for Autumn”

The Wondrous Gift of Writing

Books were taunting me. They’d never taunted me before. Fascinated me, yes. I loved books. Every writer does, right? You know the joke, “Never trust a skinny cook.” The same goes for authors … I’m dubious about writers and authors who don’t like to read. As a child, I loved the hush of a library. I would enter one of those magical mansions of books, look around in wonder and ask myself, Will IContinue reading “The Wondrous Gift of Writing”

The Most Important Element of a Good Story

I generally avoid making statements like, “This is the most important aspect of a story,” or “This is the most vital ingredient to building a good blog.” Why? Because I understand there are so many dynamics involved in creating a good work of literature or art. There is so much more at play than just one element, right? And usually, one element is just as important as the other. But when I mention thatContinue reading “The Most Important Element of a Good Story”

The Challenge of Organization as an Author

If you’re a writer, you are probably also a reader. You love reading. You could spend hours every day reading. I often spend hours reading each day – more for editing work and school than pleasure (leisure reading is a rare activity of mine these days) … But even reading as part of my work and for homework assignments can be interesting. After all, it’s reading. It’s learning new things, coming to know interestingContinue reading “The Challenge of Organization as an Author”


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