Bonita Jewel

A Brief Intro

A freelance editor since 2010,
Bonita has completed over 300
writing and editing projects for
authors, bloggers, and other clients.

As a writer, she has been published
in upstreet magazine, Ekstasis, and
Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Bonita Jewel shares insights on
creativity, editing, reading, and the
craft of writing on her blog.

Connect with her on Substack or
get in touch for editing, coaching,
collaboration, speaking, workshops,
other engagements or creative projects.

Blog posts to help you hone your writing craft. Bonita shares insights and tips on the writing process, creativity, storytelling, reading, and literature. She also writes about working from home.

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Favorite Quotes

“Time is unfolding like a scroll, and we’re letters on the parchment, helping to make up the words that tell the story.”

Andrew Peterson, Adorning the Dark

The truth of the story is not a motto suitable for framing.

Frederick Buechner, The Clown in the Belfry

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