Writing Powerful Character Motivations in Your Story

Why do characters need good motivations? Have you ever read a story where the characters’ motivations just weren’t solid? It might have been the protagonist or the villain whose motivation lacked substance, but it just made the story drag. When you learned what the antagonist’s main motivation was, and why he or she wreaked so […]

11 Things Every Writer Should Know about Kindle Vella

If you are an aspiring or established writer, and especially if you are a self-published author, you’ll want to know all about Kindle Vella. It’s a new publishing platform on Amazon where you can publish serialized stories one episode at a time. In April of this year, I received an email from Kindle Direct Publishing […]

Nine Steps to Being a Miserable Writer

I don’t know who originally came up with this “writing advice” … But it’s all true, and useful suggestions to help you on the path to becoming a better writer. Because you have enough difficulties in life without growing miserable because of choices you are making in the realm of writing. Let’s look at the […]

Tips on Writing Strong Characters in Fiction (And in Life Too)

Strong characters. Every story needs them. A book can have the most plot-driven story line in existence, but if the readers can’t relate to the characters, they’re going to put the book down without finishing it. When we, as readers, love a character, it keeps us glued to the story, flipping the pages, not noticing […]