The Best Books I’ve Read on the Writing Life

There comes a time in every aspiring writer’s life that they decide they want to learn writing from the best writers out there. And that means reading books on writing by successful and well-loved authors. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from. It seems that nearly every successful and established writer has writtenContinue reading “The Best Books I’ve Read on the Writing Life”

(Re)Write What You Know – A Twist on Writer’s Advice

A common bit of writing advice that you will find if you read books on writing or attend a writer’s conference is this: Write what you know. I’m not refuting that bit of advice in this post, but I do want to offer a little twist on the main idea. First of all, let’s discussContinue reading “(Re)Write What You Know – A Twist on Writer’s Advice”

Rhythm – A Short Story

Melody peered over the dock. Ripples trembled along the ocean’s surface. She stepped into the ferry, glancing around to get her bearings. “Melody, over here!” Her sister sauntered up and pulled her to a line of reclining seats. “We arrived early to find a good spot. Isn’t this exciting?” Melody tried to share the exuberanceContinue reading “Rhythm – A Short Story”

The Wondrous Gift of Writing

Books were taunting me. They’d never taunted me before. Fascinated me, yes. I loved books. Every writer does, right? You know the joke, “Never trust a skinny cook.” The same goes for authors … I’m dubious about writers and authors who don’t like to read. As a child, I loved the hush of a library.Continue reading “The Wondrous Gift of Writing”

How Does a Writer Decide What to Write?

Are you a writer? Do you have just too many ideas when it comes to knowing what you should write? I know the feeling … in more ways than one. When I pick up my two older kids from school, they’re often bubbling over with everything that happened that day. Each one likes to beContinue reading “How Does a Writer Decide What to Write?”

Do You Have a Book Inside You?

I recently received an email from Xulon Press, a Christian self-publishing company. I don’t plan on publishing with them but signed up for their emails several years ago while helping a client decide whether to self-publish or go the traditional publishing route. Sometimes I don’t open the emails at all. Sometimes I skim them. ThisContinue reading “Do You Have a Book Inside You?”

13 Tips on How to Become a Better Writer

Here is the shortlist on ways to grow into a better writer:
Read Widely
Read Deeply
Conduct Research
Seek a Writing Community
Interact with “Better Writers”
Teach Someone Else about Writing
Don’t Stop at the First Draft
Give Your Writing Time to Grow
Get an Editor to Improve in Your Writing
Don’t Completely Rely on an Editor to “Fix” Poor Writing
Educate Yourself about the Craft of Writing
Find Your Writing Rhythms
Have Fun Writing!