Rest in Joy, Joan Didion

In Memoriam, A Review of The White Album Joan Didion, American novelist and essayist, passed away last week, at the age of 87. Her book, The White Album, was required reading for me to obtain my MFA in Creative Writing. One of my professors loved her work and spoke about it at length. I hadContinue reading “Rest in Joy, Joan Didion”

Book Review of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin

I just read “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin. And here’s the one-sentence review: If you are a writer – especially if you are a writer aspiring to be a traditionally published author one day – this book is extremely helpful and informative. And here’s the longer book review of Book Proposals ThatContinue reading “Book Review of “Book Proposals That Sell” by W. Terry Whalin”