Other Writing Services

Other Writing Services

“Once again, Bonita has exceeded my expectations. I could not recommend anyone more enthusiastically.” – Ken Gire, author of more than 20 books, including Answering the Call

“Bonita is an amazing writer and a gifted person! She has done an incredible job and I’ll continue to use her!” – Jay, business executive

“Bonita Jewel far exceeded my expectations on this job. She proved to be a superb writer, a hard worker, and a wonderful person to work with. If you need a writer, she will brighten your day!” – Tom Nguyen, creator and host of Scinti

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A writer and editor with nearly 20 years of experience, Bonita Jewel loves helping others weave words into beautiful things. Her blog offers insights on creativity, editing, the writing process, and reading to become a better writer. A few recurring themes you might notice in her work include belonging, identity, purpose, humans as creative beings, and the power of story. Contact Bonita for your next writing or editing project: https://bonitajewel.com/ Or connect with her on social media... Facebook: /BonitaJewelAuthor Instagram: @bonitajewel Twitter: @bonita_jewel