7 Inspirational Stories on Kindle Vella

With the soft launch of Kindle Vella this week, it is a surprise that there are already thousands of stories available to read.

The question is, if you’re looking for an inspirational story on Kindle Vella, where should you look?

But first things first …

What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is a new reading experience by Amazon’s Kindle program.

Described as a serialized reading experience, instead of chapters, you can read one episode at a time.

The first three episodes of any story you read are free!

After that, you need to purchase tokens to unlock additional episodes.

At the moment, they’re giving away 200 free tokens to spend on the episodes of your choice.

After that, the tokens (at the time of this writing) cost $1.99 for 200 tokens, or $4.99 for 525 tokens, etc.

Having done the math, an episode of roughly 1,500 words costs 15 tokens, which means you can read a 20,000-word novella for 200 tokens or $1.99.

Or you can read a full-length 70,000 word or 80,000-word novel for seven or eight dollars.

Again, the question is, with so many options already out there, what should you read?

Here is a list of 7 inspirational stories available now on Kindle Vella, and a little bit about them:

Inspirational Fiction Stories on Kindle Vella

Grace through Fire by Jessica Berg

When a photo shoot devolves into chaos, Nikki Lancaster’s life turns inside out, especially when Xavier Palinski, her ex-fiance, takes over her case. After finding a body in the spot where she photographed a tourist days before, Nikki suspects she photographed a killer. The killer strikes again, sucking Nikki and those she loves into darkness. Through the danger, Nikki finds strength in Xavier, but before hope for a second chance blooms, evil strikes, and Nikki must conquer her fear to survive.

Her Own Reflection by Anja Raney

Relinquished for adoption at birth, and HIV+, Mercy feels abandoned by both her biological parents and by God. Every time she looks in the mirror, she is reminded of the personal history she will never learn, and the belonging that she may never feel. She contents herself with being alone and anonymous until her lovingly meddlesome best friend Abby intercedes, sending Mercy on a journey to the other side of the planet (Uganda) that has the potential to help her finally feel truly at home.

Destiny’s Challenge by Willow Swift

Elliot ended what he thought was a life without purpose. He was wrong. Beyond the veil, he discovers a realm of warriors, a raging battle … and hope. He is given a mission to help a young woman ready to give up on life. Can Elliot reach beyond the veil and give her a reason to live before it’s too late?

Bright Shining as the Sun by Janet Fogg

Miracle or delusion? Overcome during a sermon by the voice of God, world-weary Jake McGeary questions his mental health when he foretells miracles. When a miracle really does happen, he doesn’t know what to believe. Attracted to the miracle-boy’s mother, as the press sensationalizes Jake’s predictions, all hell breaks loose. Will another miracle bless their community? Or will skepticism, fear, and an irresponsible media smother love and faith?

The Man Who Stares Up at Trees by Everett Peacock

Assistant Professor Jeremiah Totan, an upcoming expert in quantum mechanics, finally discovers a connection between the mysteries of science and emotion, and dives headlong into an experiential adventure.

The Promise (Book 1 of The Shepherd Chronicles) by Gary Friedman

David quietly returns to his hometown after failing to establish a musical career in Nashville. He avoids all contacts except for his mentor Jacob, who helps David rise to the top of the club scene. With new success and reconciliation with his family on the horizon, tragedy strikes and David finds himself lying on a bed in the ER. Hear death, David makes a promise that proves to be life-altering.

The Widower’s Way by Debra Chapoton

Aaron’s a single dad with a precocious young daughter. Jill’s an English teacher with mounting health problems, working in the same high school as Aaron. Can he get over the death of his wife, several years past, and realize who God has put in the classroom next door? Will she chance inflicting more sorrow and suffering on a man who’s already endured so much? Find out how they make the toughest decisions in this heart-warming faith-filled novella, The Widower’s Way.

Closing Thoughts

If you are an author and thinking of self-publishing with Kindle Vella, this recent article on Medium.com describes some pros and cons of publishing on the new platform.

Whether you are reading or writing (or a little bit of both), it’s inspiring to have a whole new wave of stories getting published.

And hopefully, this list will give you a place to start when venturing into the unfolding realms of Kindle Vella.

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  1. Thank you so much, Bonita! It’s exciting and fun to be in the first wave of Vella story-tellers, and I’ve already followed more than a dozen stories to read soon. I suspect I’ll find many more today as I wander from genre to genre.

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