To Follow the Star – A Christmas Reflection

My kids and I were heading home from school. I was driving as they sat in the back seat, telling me about their day. Thanksgiving still approached, but the radio station we often listen to had already begun to play Christmas songs. In fact, it played only Christmas songs. I was humming along with one […]

5 Hard-Earned Remote Work Lessons

I’ve been working from home for over 10 years as a freelance writer and editor. These days, clients search me out and invite me to work with them … But it wasn’t always like this. I’ve learned several lessons about remote work, particularly while launching my work-from-home career. Some of these lessons were costly in the […]

(Re)Write What You Know – A Twist on Writer’s Advice

A common bit of writing advice that you will find if you read books on writing or attend a writer’s conference is this: Write what you know. I’m not refuting that bit of advice in this post, but I do want to offer a little twist on the main idea. First of all, let’s discuss […]

How My Work-from-Home Journey Began

My work-from-home journey actually began in India. I moved there at the age of 16, along with a group of young people who wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We spent the summer involved in a variety of social projects — workshops for prison inmates, ministries to support mentally-challenged individuals, […]