I’ve heard (from a variety of places) that I should focus on a single genre if I hope to build a “proper” platform. But I don’t like the idea of creativity being stuffed into a box for the purpose of marketing.

So, I write a little bit of (almost) everything. Fiction. Nonfiction. Poetry. Realistic and fantasy, futuristic and contemporary, literary and poetic.


Releasing Soon on Kindle Vella …

Sierra woke with no recollection of the past, but that doesn’t stop her from fearing that something terrible is about to happen to Skye, her mute foster sister. Seine struggles to forgive herself for an accident that hurt someone she loved. Sonora has bounced from home to home with a secret she can tell no one. They must discover their need for each other before a power rises capable of stealing every last breath on earth.
As Casimir prepares for his first year participating in Lowca’s annual Jabberwock Hunt, his excitement is tempered by strange dreams of his mother, killed three years earlier by a Jabberwock. Some secret lies beneath the surface in the town of Lowca that only the Jabberwock Hunt will reveal.
Asinah knows of little beyond her desert dwelling. Sand. Heat. Sun. Her discovery of an ancient manuscript reveals a secret history that fractured her world and sets her on a journey toward a mystical place that just might hold the power of transformation.