Do You Have a Book Inside You?

I recently received an email from Xulon Press, a Christian self-publishing company.

I don’t plan on publishing with them but signed up for their emails several years ago while helping a client decide whether to self-publish or go the traditional publishing route.

Sometimes I don’t open the emails at all.

Sometimes I skim them.

This time I read the message, which was by Donald Newman, Director of Acquisitions at Xulon.

He wrote the following, which are good points for anyone thinking of writing a book and not sure if they should go about it.

Does that describe you?

Have you been deciding whether or not you should write a book?

You have a story inside you, but you’re just not sure if you have the skill or time to jump into writing it.

If so, you might find his counsel helpful as well …

  1. I believe that just about everyone has at least one book inside of them. I used to think it was only the big names that could write a book, but year after year I see great books, meaningful books, make their way into the world.
  2. I believe that you can never fully know who will read your book one day. It might just be your own great grandchildren or it might be the president of a nation. I doubt that John Bunyan ever thought or knew how many people would ultimately read Pilgrims Progress.
  3. I believe that while a speaker can impact a crowd, an author can impact generations. I have the book that my great, great uncle wrote. Is Life Worth Living was taken from his sermons on Ecclesiastes and that book has touched my life and the lives of my children.
  4. I believe that some of the greatest Christian books are written by people who have made their own share of mistakes in life. The real game changers, the page turners, the books that touch us in the deepest parts of our heart are books that were written by real people just like us.
  5. … [S]omewhere inside you lies a book that someone will need to read one day. I don’t know who that “someone” will be, and you may not either, but the Lord does. Whether it is a grandchild or a hurting person who needs encouragement, someone is going to want your book.

Do you have a book inside you?

Is it time to write it?

Please get in touch if you need help organizing your thoughts or editing your story.

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